Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warcraft Version Switcher

There are 2 alternatives way to replace your warcraft version:
1. Using the patch the game. This method is most easy, just install the patch, instantly change your game version. But the drawback is we can not turn our game into an older version.
2. Using WarCraft Version Switcher. Its use is easy, just download our fairly large size, especially if it covers several versions. The good news is we can change our game versions as needed.
I suggesting you to use Warcraft Version Switcher

Warcraft Version Switcher Guide
1. Extract the zip file from download Warcraft Version Switcher
2. Check the extracted folder and open “Wvs.exe”
3. A warning message will come out, click ok.
 4. Set your Warcraft 3 Folder.
 5. The application will be closed. Open “Wvs.exe” again.
 6. Click Switch Version Button (first button).
7. Double Click the Warcraft 3 version you want to switch.
8. The Warcraft 3 version will be switched.

Download Link:
Download TFT Version 1.24
Download TFT Version 1.24b
Download TFT Version 1.24c

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